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Notice of Objections

A notice of objection is a formal response to a notice of assessment sent to CRA that explains that you disagree with their assessment. An objection typically needs to fore submitted to CRA within 90 days of the assessment date. Objections can be filed for assessments on a personal return, corporate return, GST/HST or an audit.. There are countless reasons why taxpayers would need to file an objection. You may disagree with the results of an audit such as certain expenses that were disallowed. You may disagree with the treatment of a transaction such as a property being considered business income rather than a capital gain. You may disagree which the CRA changing your marital status. The list is endless.

Before filing an objection, the primary goal would be to work with the auditor or CRA representative to see if a middle ground can be met. This is preferable as it avoids the lengthy wait for the objection to be processed AND the collections actions that continue while the objection is waiting for CRA to review. As well, if the objection is unsuccessful and the balance remains due, interest will be charged right up until the date that the debt is paid in full.

We handle objections on our clients’ behalf as we can use our knowledge of the income tax act to dispute the results of the assessment. We also have in-depth knowledge as to what evidence to provide for our submission to be considered as a serious application. We have seen many examples of taxpayers submitting their own objections and not having them accepted. We do not simply send in a one page letter. We do a detailed submission with evidence and have a great track record for results with appeals.

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