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Why Correct Your Tax Affairs?

Why Correct Your Tax Affairs: Get Your Tax Debt Settled

You owe money to the government. You want to pay them and you can’t. The letters and phone calls from CRA start coming. You don’t know what to do. You keep ignoring them, hoping it will just go away. There’s no solution in sight.

There is a way out! Mark Feldstein and Associates has a variety of services all with the goal to manage your tax debt. We get your unfiled returns completed, stop the harassment from CRA and negotiate repayment agreements so that you can be at ease as your tax debt is erased.

An individual taxpayer should not attempt to deal with the CRA independently; it usually will not end in your favour. When you call Canada Revenue Agency directly, they often tell you that they require full payment and will try to pressure you. They will question you on your tax situation and make you feel like a criminal. Often they will use strategies to get you to disclose important details they’ll use later on against you to get money without your consent. It may be your bank account, your receivables or your home, but they can and will find out!

We have the know-how to negotiate with the CRA to let you pay off your tax debt in a reasonable manner that won’t put you into financial hardship. The most common scenario is when a taxpayer cannot pay the entire tax debt at once, but intends to pay it in full over time. We have strategies to use with the CRA to help get this arrangement accepted for you!

Our tax advocates bring volumes of experience to the table. Countless taxpayers have come to Mark Feldstein and Associates with Revenue Canada problems. Pick up your phone and make that call that will get you the relief you deserve. Call us today!

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